Ahoy & Welcome.

My intention is to post regularly, on variety of subjects and in a variety of different written formats and styles.    This is my challenge to myself at the beginning of this New Year, 2013 and so I have begun my first blog.

If you have arrived at this blog, please explore.

If I break or fail to follow the accepted etiquette in the social media environment, please understand, I am just the same in the physical world and I have the scars to prove it.

I’m doing my best; however, I’m nearly old.

11th May 2013 Revision

I know my welcome page is boring and that I should ‘sex-it-up’ with enticing links, sentences of salacious self-promotion, and the obligatory character enhancing photograph.   It’s just I haven’t the time.

26th December 2013 Revision.  Maybe I can risk a small photo without the above mentioned qualities. 🙂