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Posted: December 27, 2017 in 2017, Haiku, My Journey, Poetry
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cropped-brick-wall-9.jpgSanta’s departed
all the food has been eaten
presents lose their gloss

© Paul Nichol. 2017


House ColoursMy Christmas spirit

will soon be rediscovered

through an empty glass


©.  Paul Nichol.  2017


Watergentle river flows

its youthful energies spent

in mountain gorges


© Paul Nichol.  2017


Pure bean perfection
Picked, roasted, ground, infused
Coffee addiction

© Paul Nichol.  2017


Naked garden sleeps
Rejuvenation in rest
Awaiting the spring

© Paul Nichol.  2017

sad bee

The consequences
Of insensitive living
No one gives a damn

© Paul Nichol.  2017


Please let me in
So I can share your life
It’s lonely outside

© Paul Nichol.  2017