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I follow the rules layed down

by my vanity.


© Paul Nichol. 2018


the cynical person

might question my true motive

for writing poetry

© Paul Nichol.  2018


sad bee

The consequences
Of insensitive living
No one gives a damn

© Paul Nichol.  2017


The crumpled letter

Tissues thrown as confetti

Tragic expression

© Paul Nichol.  2017


limited by solitude
I talk to myself

© Paul Nichol.  2017

post box small 1Dissatisfaction
Inevitable result
For perfectionist

© Paul Nichol. 2017


“So you want to work in the retail sector, have you any experience?”

“No not really, I’m a hard worker though, you wouldn’t regret it!

“You live nearby and would be available at short notice?  That’s good …..”

“Very near!”

“We have very high hygiene standards here and you seem somewhat dirty.  No offence intended.”

“Yes I know I’m dirty, but I slept on the streets alongside St Johns parishioners last night, they were highlighting homelessness in the borough.”

“I’m impressed.”

You’re not so impressed with me when you kick me out your shop doorway every morning, thought Martin.


© Paul Nichol.  2017