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Quarried confusion

Cigarette butts, beer bottles

Ground before the bench



© Paul Nichol. 2017


Most of the time I am unburdened

by the company of humankind

I stand strong, ingrained and hardy

a regular sanctuary in their world

I have witnessed all the seasons of man

held their lonely, rested their weary

my slats have sustain the weight of death

the weightlessness of young lovers aspiration

I have borne pressing conversations

split quarrelling lovers by my arms

felt the swinging of a child’s young legs

the salted tears of the bereaved

the intoxicated spit of the drunkard

all have fallen upon my porous skin

all have been held by this crafted form

I am thankful for the craftsman’s gift

for without his genius

to joint, smooth and sculpt,

I would have remained uncut

fallen in time upon the forest floor

having never known the complexities of man

nor my own innate strengths



© Paul Nichol 2013