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Deleting myself

Such an attractive prospect

A new beginning


© Paul Nichol. 2017


It would be so easy to ease your pain

No medicine is required

Just modest a word

A word like


Would do

Yet I fear this word

For it is a stopper that stopped

The expression of your outrage flowing

As it did once before upon me

The diversion of you

By this word



Banished you

Such a simple word

Am I beyond the salvation of words?

For the wounds inflicted

Are likely incurable

The denial of



Was pitiless

Yet if we were to speak

Would your old words pollute me still?


© Paul Nichol.  2016


Reading the tea leaves,

indisputable message.

Time to wash my cup.


© Paul Nichol



I should let you go.

For you, love has no purpose.

 Its loss will teach you.



©  Paul Nichol



Posted: July 26, 2016 in 2016, Haiku, My Journey, Poetry
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Restructure the world.

Turn over an ancient rock.

Sculpt new beginnings.



©  Paul Nichol.  2016



Beneath summer sky.

My soul rejuvenated.  

Too long in darkness.



© Paul Nichol.   2016