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Broken Fence

Our broken-down fence

No longer keeps them outside

Nor me from leaving

© Paul Nichol.  2017


Your key is silent

The lock to my heart is shut

Love has corroded



© Paul Nichol.  2017



imagine our love

becalmed upon an ocean

fashioned from our tears



© Paul Nichol.  2015



you rose on the mornings tide

the darkness of you flooding over me

pulsing upon the barren rocks of obsessive love

the relentless waves of your crippling emotions

beating blood upon the bolted door of my heart

reeling for recognition of what you once were

you engulfed fleshy extremity

soothing with salacious zeal

seizing the false hope of natures thirst

that passed warm currents between us

in a frenzied fallow flow

that ebbed away

into nothingness

once more



©  Paul Nichol.  February 2014



I heard you cry my name upon the salted wind

the day you died



As if over the broad shoulder of my solitary life

time had somehow forgiven the missed moments

of us.


And that your need for me, in the time of your passing

excused your unexpected approach

towards me.


In death, had the barbed, impenetrable tumbleweed

choking  the foothills and valleys of our union

been blown away.


Was my name, easier to cast upon the ageless wind of time

knowing, only there, I would hear the stillness of you, and not



I turned, as any child should, at the sound of its mother’s voice,

I saw nothing of you, but I felt only the breath of conflict finally expire.

you were gone.



© Paul Nichol    November 2013

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You, who extinguished the tall flames of my expectation

bruised my flesh, fastened chains about my ankles

tethered my adolescent whimsical thoughts

around the stake of paranoid jealousy

imprisoning my individualism

in a cage of cold wrought

soulless steel. Your






© Paul Nichol 2013



The car mechanic.

Diagnosed the real problem.

With a knowing smile.

‘This engine is like my heart.

You have now broken this one’.



© Paul Nichol 2013