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Donald Trump has already achieved one of his aims, which was to ‘Make America Great Again’, the problem is, and it always was.     Political debate, News headlines about the election along with concerning conversations within families and to friends around the world, is proof that American power and influence has never diminished and is clear evidence of your significance to so many aspects of our lives.   It is just a shame that many Americans’  diminished themselves in the eyes of the world by voting in a Donald Trump and supporting his narrowness of thought, for in his ideologies may in turn damaged the philosophy of hope and optimism  that we on the outside associate with the great spirit of America.

Please do not turn away from the family of nations, for to do so is to risk spiralling into national introspection and risking great divisions and conflict within the social fabric of the American nation itself, something I suspect no one desires.

We are one people living on one planet and we all have one life.

We care about you.