Charities I Support microloans from CARE International - Banner Ad is a revolutionary micro-finance charity which allows people like me to directly help people throughout the developing world transform their own lives.

Set up by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations, enables families to find their own route out of poverty, whilst allowing its supporters to have a direct impact on their lives.

The website brings together the sponsors and the entrepreneurs seeking funding for their business.    I along with others lend these people the funds they need, and over time, they repay us, if they can in small monthly amounts.   We can then donate the money repaid, or like so many others supporting this charity, chose to lend it again and again to other entrepreneurs seeking help to build a better life for themselves and their families.

£15 is such a small amount of money to us in the richer countries, however when many people chose to pool these small amount in the hope of transforming the lives of those in less developed parts of the world, and giving riches beyond mere monetary reward, equally to all those involved.

Please visit this charity, register and help us, help people transform lives for the better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this most important page on my blog.

Here are a few other charities which I support and have yet to write a few words about

Action Aid,                

British Red Cross,   

Book Aid International

Sanata Restart Centre

please take the time to visit their sites and help to change the world

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