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It would be so easy to ease your pain

No medicine is required

Just modest a word

A word like


Would do

Yet I fear this word

For it is a stopper that stopped

The expression of your outrage flowing

As it did once before upon me

The diversion of you

By this word



Banished you

Such a simple word

Am I beyond the salvation of words?

For the wounds inflicted

Are likely incurable

The denial of



Was pitiless

Yet if we were to speak

Would your old words pollute me still?


© Paul Nichol.  2016


Posted: December 23, 2016 in 2016, Free Verse Poetry, My Journey, Poetry
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You are the Spring in my Autumn

my Summer in my Winter

my light in my darkness

my warmth in my coldness

my love in my heart

the life in my life.


© Paul Nichol.  2016


Tentatively I enter our bed

you the early bird

are already lost in the oblivion

exploring dream worlds,

me, the night owl am an intruder,

my settling, is your unsettling

my bodily presence, all too physical

my careful movements, awkward,

yet, the moment passes

as it does every night,

our breathing unites as

ocean wave lapping upon the constant shore,

we meld body and soul

in the company of our raw nakedness

we sleep.



© Paul Nichol.  2016









This tree has rotted for longer than I have existed.

This tree will still rot when I have rotted to nothing,

yet I believe the world without me is nothing.

Vanity has rotted my ability to know the true nature of life.




©  Paul Nichol   2016



Our harbour beneath lax moonlight

Casts grey timeless shadows

Across smooth silent rock

Of borrowed land

Set tall by youth

Slanted steadfast against

Life’s bitter nature

We cling, fingers chaffed, as

Treasonous tides buffet

The soft under-edge of our existence

Exploiting faults of pride

Fissures in foundations

Seldom explored

Ugly, barnacled,

Unredeemable, aged

Submerged anxieties

The dismissed beauty

Of our intrinsic self


Through salted tears

Clasping bleached handkerchiefs

We wave our lingering farewells

Towards the pitied, eroded quayside

Of carved, chiselled stone

Built of false strengths

Of fear

Of acceptance

Grip wanes

And we are free






I can tell a lot about someone by the way they walk,

how do I know?

I know because I’m an expert on footsteps,

my expertise is in categorising people by their walking habits,

habits that in the end will determine whether or not our paths will cross,

and I rob you.



© Paul Nichol    October 2016



Eyes carve first perceptions

with unconscious fervour

wilful imaginings

prejudicial clarity

sculpting senses

defining smiles

waning frowns

enticing judgments

coaxing hope

alluring adventures

iced intimacies


With bated breath

we entwine our lives

around what we see

foolishly or wise

upon baited hooks

pleasing to the eye

essential for the heart

rhythmic to our bodies

and we love.



©  Paul Nichol.  2016