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A hybrid Cinquain and Acrostic poem,  which uses of the child’s term ‘cadge’ for its title to add an extra dimension to the poems meaning. 





Dominating parents,

get every penny out of them,





© Paul Nichol    January  2014

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Posted: October 27, 2013 in Acrostic
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Newborn, vulnerable, defenceless we begin our life’s journey.

Umbilical cord, severed, knotted, bound for physical solitude.

Toddling into teenage pubescence anguish, we blindly deny heartfelt truths.

Rebellious ingot, forged from the steel of independent self in the furnace of petulant certainty.

Insightful conception clasp when love-struck we flower: sexed, we weep at the birth of a child.

Testimony to our instinctive needs to dine upon the banquet of potential set out before us all.

Inclined to criticise, for knowing life in its many disguises, our knowledge alienates.

Old age affords use the mistaken harvest of false wisdom, abandoned on the fields of youth.

Nearing death, we nourish the soul with the only commodity worthy of human endeavour: Love.



© Paul Nichol    October 2013