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I wrote this story for my children many years ago and have just rediscovered it hidden in a folder on my computer.  It is a good, fun read for the mums and dads too, so I thought I would post it here on wordpress.    I would be interested in any feedback as there are more adventures waiting in my head for these troublesome characters.    I hope you and your children enjoy their adventure. 

Monk and Nee Help Fred Ostrich


Paul Nichol


Monk and Nee were happily playing a game of tail chase, when Fred Ostrich the came crashing out of the jungle and tripped over the two startled brothers.  Fred Ostrich flapped his wings with all his might but it was too late, and he came crashing to the ground with a loud bump.  Monk and Nee pick themselves up from the ground, dusted themselves down and began to giggle, as they bounded and skipped over to where Fred Ostrich lay.

“What’s up Fred”? Asked Monk

“Why were you running”? Asked Nee

Fred popped one eye open and then the other; he stared glumly at his two cheerful friends.

“I’m an ostrich”, he said sadly.  “Ostriches like running” and then he blinked his little round eyes.  “I think I either slipped or tripped over something,” he added sadly.

“Yes it was me!” said Monk.

“No it was me!” insisted Nee.

“I may have tripped over both of you”, replied Fred Ostrich sadly “I do have two feet”.

“That’s all right”, said Monk.

“Was it a fun trip?” asked Nee.

“No!” replied Fred Ostrich crossly.

“You do look very silly down there Fred”, said Monk

“I feel very silly”, replied Fred Ostrich.

“And you look very small for an Ostrich”, added Nee.

“And you two look very tall for little monkeys” replied Fred Ostrich as he tried to lift his head from the soft grass but for some reason he found he just couldn’t.

“Aren’t you going to stand up” asked Monk.

Just then Boots Centipede appeared from beneath Fred Ostrich’s big yellow beak.

“What happened”, asked Boots Centipede rubbing a very big bump on the top of his little green head, with at least ten of his front legs all at the same time.

“Hallo Boots”, said Monk.

Boots Centipede was still quite confused and still a little dizzy.  He turned to the Monk and found himself staring up the long shiny beak of Fred Ostrich.  Fred blinked once again and smiled.

“Put me down!  Put me down now”, screamed Boots Centipede.  The two monkeys thought this rather funny and rolled around the ground laughing and laughing until finally they bumped into one another.

“You are down”, replied Fred Ostrich. “It’s me that needs to stand up”.

Boots took off his first pair of red Wellington Boots from his front most legs and rubbed his eyes.  He looked once again along Fred’s yellow beak and into is little black eyes.  “You’re not meant to be down here, you look very silly”, he said crossly whilst replacing his red Wellingtons onto his feet.

“I feel very silly”, said Fred, “Ostriches never lay down, they might sit from time to time but they never stretch out like this.  I feel like a snake that has just eaten a fat elephant”.

Monk scratched his head as Nee bit into a big juicy banana.  Monkeys have a habit of either eating or scratching their heads when they stuck for ideas.  Suddenly Monk began to scream monkey screams and jump high into the air and roll and tumble all over the place.  Nee knew that Monk had hatched a plan and so he eat another banana while he waited for his brother to finish his show.   Fred blinked and wondered what was happening behind him as Monk ran quickly up to Fred’s Ostriches and plucked out the biggest of Fred Ostrich’s lonely long tail feathers.   Fred screamed in protest at losing one of his prized feathers but still he remained stretched out on the ground.

“That’s a great trick Monk”, said Nee wishing he had thought of it first “can you get me one?”

“No!” said Monk.

“But I’ve always wanted a feather like that but every time I’ve tried to snatch one from Fred Ostrich’s tail, he has been too fast, and he’s just run away.

Monk bounded back to where Fred Ostrich was laying.  “I’ve got an idea”, he said but before Fred Ostrich could ask Monk what it was Monk began to tickle Fred with stolen feather.  At first under his chin and then down Fred’s long thin neck, Fred began to giggle, just a little, but Monk was not finished and he began to tickle Fred Ostrich under his big wing.  Suddenly the massive black and white wings began to open and flap faster and faster.   Nee was jumping up and down with such excitement, screaming his monkey screams, he didn’t notice Fred Ostrich lifting himself back up onto his two massive legs.  Monk on the other hand was now standing underneath Fred Ostriches giant body, where as Boots Centipede was now high in the sky sitting on Fred’s Ostrich’s big yellow beak.

“Put me down, put me down Fred!”  Boots Centipede screamed.  Fred looked at the little green centipede for a moment and then tilted his little head slowly one way then the other.  Boots held on with all his might as Fred levelled his head once again.

“I’ve a question for you” said Fred.  It’s always puzzled me, but why do you wear red Wellington boot?”

“When you have as many feet as I do”, replied Boots Centipede, “it’s best to keep your feet as clean as you can, otherwise bath time can stretch right through the night and into breakfast- time.  And anyway I like my red Wellingtons!”

“Red Wellingtons are very nice”, replied Fred Ostrich “but I think blue boots would look better on you.  I like blue Wellingtons.  Now hold on tight it’s a long way back down to the ground”.  He lowered his head once again and Boots climbed onto a tall green plant.  Fred then turned too Monk who was trapped between Fred’s massive legs.  Fred again blinked.  Monk was hiding the giant tail feather behind his back; he smiled and tried not to giggle.

“Thank you Monk”, said Fred Ostrich, “I think everything is back as it should be.  I’m standing up, my head is high in the sky, and you’re down there and Nee is eating his banana as always, and Boots.  Boots is happily munching a juicy green leaf”.

“What about your lovely tail feather” replied Monk, “I am sorry for taking it! I didn’t hurt you did I?  It was all I could think off at the time.  You looked so sad laying there on the ground; I just wanted to help you” Said Monk whilst taking the giant white feather from behind his back,

“But great fun I suspect”. Fred Ostrich replied.

“Well, just a little”, said Monk with a smile.  “But I promise I won’t do it again”.

“You keep the feather”, said Fred Ostrich, “you should use it to tickle that brother of yours, then that way he might stop eating those bananas and leaving the skins around for me to slip on.”  Fred again blinked, smiled warmly, and then lifted his head high up into the blue sky once again.  “Good-bye Monk and Nee”, he said, “and good-bye Boots”, and with that he was gone as fast as he had came.

Monk put the big feather once again behind his back and thought, what a good idea.  “Now where is that bother of mine?”  He said.

……….The End………..

© Paul Nichol 2013