UK just got divorced

Posted: June 27, 2016 in 2016, My Journey, Political Thoughts
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We  asked for a divorce because we were unhappy with the unfamiliar people our partner was inviting into our home.    Now we find ourselves sitting in a dark one bedroomed flat.  We only need one bedroom because no one will come to visit us because we told them, ‘we don’t like you anymore, you spent all our money, and you told us what to do’.     We could turn the lights on, but by doing so we know we might catch our ugly reflection in the mirror and we always thought it showed only  our good side.  We now know better.

Our old partners, they are suffering too; divorce is always unpleasant, however they are moving on, they will soon be stronger and they have a better chance of achieving a level of happiness than us.

They will think of us sometimes, they will think of the old relationship then quickly conclude they are better off without us.


I wanted to stay with you, sorry…..


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