Theatre at its best, The James Plays

Posted: May 22, 2016 in 2016, Articles, My Journey
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Yesterday I was engrossed in the dark depths of Scottish 15th century history, a theatre experience of 3 plays lasting just under 8 hours of stage acting portraying the Stewart kings James I, James II, James III at the Marlow Theatre, Canterbury, UK.   There were breaks in-between the plays so the event lasted about 12 hours in total.

The trilogy written by Rona Munro is simply fantastic and an outstanding achievement by all concerned especially the actors who have to perform one play after the other.   The James Plays takes its audience on an emotionally and physically exhausting journey into the darkness’s of human cruelty and the beauty of loving, with humorous brilliance and enthralling dialogue.

If you have the opportunity to see these plays, please do not be put off by the daunting prospect of sitting in a theatre and watching them all in one day; for watching them in one day is a must which is so obvious at their conclusion, and the actors deserve that effort on your part.  After all you only have to sit and experience they have to create the experience for you over the course of the day

The James plays have to be the most exhilarating theatre experience I have had for many years.

This is not a review it is an invitation to experience great theatre.

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