River Bank

  1. chevvy8 says:

    Hello Paul, I was reading one of posts amongst many others. I’m no good at responding to eveyone who likes my stuff, so I understand what you mean. Still, I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog. Lots of emotion captured very skillfully in your writing 😀

    • Paul Nichol says:

      Hello Chevvy8
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to write this kind message. I know my inability to embrace the social interaction aspect of blogging is a major flaw with me, I have often considered deleting my blog, however I have not done so because it took me such a long time to begin and took me into uncomfortable places in the process. I am online as I am in my everyday life, make of this statement what you want, (behind the pillar or in the shadows).

      I have explored some of your blog (but not enough) and I must say it is so very, very good; and not what I was expecting given the tone of your comment. You should be proud of what you have created, and I would encourage you to engage with your readers for there is much to talk about with them. Your blog is full of life and it should be celebrated and is in stark contrast to my own and that is why I encourage you to fully engage in the commenting social interaction thing, because I see so many possibilities in your posts and to waste them might be a mistake.
      Too many words here my uncomfortable gauge is beginning to rise. All the best. Paul

      • chevvy8 says:

        Hello Paul, I am so pleased that you responded and you’ve done very well at it.
        I’m very much an extrovert in real life. Like you though, I have my own reasons for blogging more privately – most people I know do not know that I blog and I don’t do much social media.
        I guess we all blog for different reasons. While much of my blogging is an extension of the hobbies I like such as photography,poetry,travelling, music etc , inevitably as we all do, we learn about ourselves through the eyes of others,we explore themes believing in the idea that it is a “safe” space.
        Of course, behind our laptops and phones, we are real people and often our words resonate with others or vice versa. So I’m happy that I’ve made some friends.
        Thank you for your compliments on my work. I know I ought to reach out more but I’d rather focus on quality than quantity of interactions. Besides, I have friends and family who need my time and 2016 has been a year of change for me that needed my focus.
        Anyway, enough said from me for now. I do hope that you will read more of my work and engage more with me.
        I remember meeting you on the blog once and couldn’t tell if I missed seeing you because of my own blog breaks. I recall that I was impressed with your range of work and again, I find myself wanting to read more of your writing and browse through your photographs. I agree with you – it would be such a waste to delete everything – it would be like deleting yourself. You’re talented – keep writing. Best wishes. Chevvy 😀

      • chevvy8 says:

        Hi Paul
        I sneaked in and read more of your work. I was intrigued by your letter to your 12 year old. It might be interesting to write one to your future self even if just for yourself. Here is mine – I’ve used a bit of poetic licence. Take care. Chevvy


      • Paul Nichol says:

        There is no easy reply, I do not consider my future relevant, my past ……………, I am best living in the present. I read your letter and I hope all the things you wrote in your own letter become good memories for the future you. I feel very exposed writing these comments here. Paul

      • chevvy8 says:

        You need not say more. You may not realise it but you have been very encouraging to me. Thank you.

      • Paul Nichol says:

        Chevvy, maybe we could correspond by email, I would prefer that, what do you think? Paul

      • chevvy8 says:

        We could do that – my email is chevvybaker@gmail.com Btw, I’ve been trying to figure out how you came my way or I yours. I thought I had met you on the blog before but I think I was mistaken. I look forward to hearing from you. Best. Chevvy.

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