A fishy sonnet

Posted: April 17, 2016 in 2016, My Journey, Poetry
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Oh you stubborn fish do not jape me

With ripples, nibbles, gentle wiggles upon my fishing line,

Be bold my friend and welcome sun, do rise above dark reeds

For if this day, we were not to meet, no words would I, for rhyme.

I woke this morn, I gathered tackle, I journeyed to this dankly bank,

With mealtime missed, on empty belly, I’m now eager to depart.

Reveal yourself I do beseech and show to me your fine flank

So I might know your character fish, your beauty, and your heart. 

Fish, for you I baited hook with succulence of worm, spaded I from deep below the ground,

To you I gave him freely fish and you feasted well, at leisurely pace, in little nibbles, a little at a time

Now my hook is light and clean, my rod discarded by a tree, its guiltless line it is rewound

for you are triumphant, defeated I am, so be humble fish, for you are divine.

Oh trusty fish, you languish now in shallows near, deceitfully lit by bloody red sunset

For did I not say my tasty fish friend. I also brought my fishing net.



© Paul Nichol.  2016

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