My unsegmented narcissistic wants

Posted: January 17, 2016 in 2016, Free Verse Poetry, My Journey, Poetry
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Oh World,

should I measure my worth by an orange dot set upon a white pixelated bell.

It rings what for me?

Am I a better man than the paupers bent Uncle?

whose crooked ways

deceive the feet of improving men

on long, soulful journeys of salvation,

with roped tangled words

stretched across the lonely path of the world,

so that I may stay thy eye,

ensnare the roots of thy soul

upon black words of rhyme or twisted reason.

My knitted web of vanity.

My spiders smite.

Unsegmented narcissistic wants 

whose sorrowful needs pillage pauper kin,

steals tribute as coin from stranger too.

For the slight orange dot upon a white bell

stays my eye also,

Ensnares the rank roots of my own soul

in the silent depths of my errant vanity.



© Paul Nichol.  2016


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