Is there any value in the physical and emotional discomforts we suffer in this life?

Posted: July 26, 2015 in 2015, Articles, My Journey
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For me the answer is a defining ‘Yes!’, for it is only through experiencing a wide range of pleasures and discomforts that we mature our innate selves.   We should value our achievements but we should value our perceived misfortune more, for through them we discover many hidden qualities and strengths denied to us in times of comfort.  We should look upon our physical and emotional scars as emblems of pride, not hide them away in fear we be judged a weak, for it is only those who have not been tested in vortex of emotional uncertainty whose personal immaturity goads them to comment, they respond in fear, whilst bolstering their self-acknowledge frailties’ under a false guise of self-righteous bravado; they are the weak and deserve our pity.

I would not choose a life of placid contentment if such a thing existed.  I would not pave over uncertainties and danger in the hope of never tripping.  I have lived in darkness, cried myself into nonexistence and endured much torment; the light of my life is all the brighter now for having taken those difficult journeys of self-discovery. 



© Paul Nichol.  2015

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