It is time for me to buy my first proper suit.

Posted: June 16, 2015 in 2015, A letter to myself, My Journey
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This July I will reach the grand old age of fifty two and the only suit I have ever owned is my birthday suit, the one in which I was born and feel most comfortable wearing.   I also do not own a collared shirt, tie, nor at present a proper pair of shoes.

However, necessity is fast catching up on me and my slight and casual wardrobe cannot conjure up an adequate substitute for a formal dress occasion; my eldest son’s graduation ceremony.

Such is the excitement in my family of my impending suit transformation that my mother in law has offered to buy the suit for me as long a she can have a photograph to blackmail me with.   My sons are seriously amused by the prospect of seeing me suited and booted for the first time, whereas my wife has been overcome with air of opportune purpose, and is now happily planning the unavoidable, yet long delayed clothes shopping trip that she has waited for, for over twenty five years.

My dilemma

  1. Paul Nichol says:

    Reblogged this on Amongst the crowd and commented:

    I have no option now but to buy this suit as I just found out my eldest son has just got a 1st in his History, Politics and Globalisation Degree. I’m a very proud and happy Dad

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