Here we go again: The avalanche of false patriotism

Posted: May 2, 2015 in 2015, Articles, Political Thoughts
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Dear world

Please do not believe that everyone in the UK is bursting with hysterical anticipation over the prospect of the imminent addition to the Windsor household in the form of what is plainly an ordinary baby, although there are some who believe those who hold royal titles process intrinsic qualities of wisdom and character we mere mortals lack, and may cite this post as proof.    There are many of us who are fervently indifferent to the whole media led frenzy that surrounds the industry of the  British royal family and will recoiled from the avalanche false patriotism that is about to fall upon us, through a saturation the media coverage and conditioned social pressure.

I just believe we are all born equal and without an intrinsic privilege of elevated status.  This child will be just a child, just like every other child born around the world today; it is just a fictitious crown that some will place upon its head.

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