driving my MG

through a tunnel of shadows;

perfect Good Friday



© Paul Nichol. 2015

  1. agarrabrant says:

    Is that MGB GT a ’72? I can’t see the bumper or wheels well enough to be sure. Looks fantastic though!

    • Paul Nichol says:

      MGB Gt 1975. Many years of hard work, each day is a adventure with new problems to solve, but good fun.

      • agarrabrant says:

        I had a ’72 roadster thirty odd years ago- first love! Except when I tried to tune the dual carbs myself- epic fail!

      • Paul Nichol says:

        I did the same, stripped them down cleaned them up, messed the up. Gave up and phone up hometune, sorted. Had this car for 10 years and I don’ think I will ever sell it.

      • agarrabrant says:

        Mine moved to Texas with my dad in 1985 and he traded it for a sailboat in ’87. Thus began a ten year rift…

      • Paul Nichol says:

        sorry for taking you down this old path, I hope all resolved itself in the end.

      • agarrabrant says:

        It’s all good. That path is so well worn, it no longer holds any longings, or regrets, or surprises. It has been trod in all weather and every time of day, with company and alone. It’s like a favorite shirt that is too tattered too wear but too memory laden to throw away… And now I’ve started a poem that disproves my point! You may be seeing this theme very soon on my blog…

      • Paul Nichol says:

        I look forward to reading it.

  2. agarrabrant says:

    Plastic not chrome would be ’73 right?

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