How do we ever get on with ourselves and everyone else in the world?

Posted: January 17, 2015 in 2015, Free Verse Poetry, Poetry
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Too fat

Too thin

Too short

Too long

Too tall

Too small

Too loud

Too poor

Too mean

Too sad

Too bad

Too old

Too young

Too slow

Too flat

Too fat

Too trapped

Too fast

Too thin

Too vain

Too plain

Too strange

Too gay

Too brash

Too friendly

Too scruffy

Too lazy

Too busy

Too skinny

Too scary

Too flirty

Too gossipy

Too dirty

Too samey

Too spotty

Too podgy

Too fussy

Too burly 

Too lively

Too leery

Too dreary

Too easy

Too hairy

Too needy

Too easy

Too sexy

Too geeky

Too frigid

Too thick

Too drunk

Too nervous

Too serious

Too jealous

Too hostile

Too plain

Too loud

Too cute

Too straight

Too rich

Too selfish

Too odd

Too mean

Too solemn

Too drunk

Too open

Too buoyant

Too heartless

Too common

Too Southern

Too Eastern

Too Northern

Too Western

Too scheming

Too different

Too nice

Too political

Too cleaver

Too serious

Too cynical

Too cautious

Too blinkered



Two faced?



© Paul Nichol.  2015

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