My first sonnet or not my first sonnet? I took up the challenge Mikial

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Poetry
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Heroes All



Gather your sticks and wit wild wind of men,

for youthful pastimes must now be traded,

your name will float on the breath of Amen,

through squalls of war, codes moral, degraded.


Quiet conflicts with self, grate on the heart,

eyes damp with clear tears, shed blindly for cause,

for all you once cherished,  slowly departs,

cleansed from the soul or locked in dark drawers.


Small medals are given, pinned on board chest,

courage is summonsed by drawing your breath,

mothers speak sons’ names, to the wind the dead,

children are silent, they’re fearless of death.


War is exciting it draws us within,

a lonely cold place, the flag draped coffin.



© Paul Nichol.  2014

I thought I would post this poem (sonnet) even though I do not know if  complies with the structural of topical rules having never written in the form before.
  1. I very much enjoyed this poem my good friend. Thank you for taking on the challenge. It is my hope that you enjoyed the experience. Have a great night my good friend.

    • Paul Nichol says:

      Yes Mikial I did enjoy writing this poem, although I was unsure whether there were limitations on the subject matter of sonnet writing. I do enjoy the challenge of writing within a rhythmic structure and so hope to write another sonnet soon-ish. I am glad you enjoyed my poem and thank you for saying so.
      All the best, Paul

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