The Trench Experience

Posted: November 11, 2014 in My Journey

Today my thoughts are of war, all wars and the people who suffer their consequences.

Amongst the crowd


I like to think that I am a veteran of many foul and stomach churning experiences, but nothing could prepare me for what lay ahead in the basements of London’s, Imperial War Museum.  It was the dank, sweat laden stench, which fell about me the instant I opened the heavy dark painted door, an artificial concoction to trick the senses, before stepping into the darkness, which was World War 1 Trench Experience.  I knew the odour that fell upon me, had been deliberately blended for maximum sensory effect, but as the light of our time ceased, and I peered into the manufactured murk of our forefathers sorrowful past, the deception faded.  Walls of mud, tided with the debris of conflict towered above, barbwire, splinter wood, ammunition boxes and blooded torn fabric fresh from the blooded corpse.   Gunfire rained in the distant dark night sky, beyond the edge of…

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