I highly recommend this book.

Posted: September 10, 2014 in My Journey
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There, in the tiny clearing splashed with silver, was the sophisticated Kenge, clad in bark-cloth, adorned with leaves, with a flower stuck in his hair.  He was all alone, dancing around and singing softly to himself as he gazed up at the tree-tops.

Now Kenge was the biggest flirt for miles, so after watching a while I came into the clearing and asked, jokingly, why he was dancing alone.  He stopped, turned slowly around and looked at me as though I was the biggest fool he and ever seen, and he was plainly surprised by my stupidity.

‘But I’m not dancing alone,’ he said, ‘I am dancing with the forest, dancing with the moon.’  Then with the upmost unconcern he ignored me, and continued his dance of love and life.


This is an extract form a truly fantastic book I have just read.  ‘The Forest People’ by Colin. M. Turnbull.    It is the story of the author’s experiences of living with the nomadic BaMbuti; the Pygmies of the dense, inhospitable Ituri Forest of North East Congo in 1954.   I wanted to share this excerpt with you because for me in encapsulate the simplicity of true joy in life, we no longer recognise in our complex, lives.

I know this is an unusual post for me, but the impressing this book has left on me is too strong for me to keep it to myself.

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