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Posted: September 7, 2014 in Articles, My Life Choices
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I have never had a set plan for any aspect of my life as they are nothing but aspirations, as life is unpredictable.    Truly ‘Living in the Moment’ is far healthier than pretending to live the moment whilst wishfully anticipating a future that may never ever materialise.

What is a lifestyle plan anyway and why would anyone really want one?    Is not life, more than a list of social achievements for others to admire or even emulate.  What is the point in accumulating wealth if it creates a sense of fear that it is not enough or that someone might steal it from you, or traveling the world ticking off the countries visited, if you have never journeyed into your soul?


Please read the original blog post ‘Which Are You: 49% or 51%?  that inspired this response on ‘Eric Tonningsen’s “Awakening to Awareness”



© Paul Nichol.  September 2014

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