Imperfections. A gift?

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Free Verse Poetry, Poetry
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I see many imperfections in man

For me to believe that I was created in the image of a God

Is my existence a confessional act

A proclamation  by a Deity

That he or she is also flawed



©  Paul Nichol.    August 2014

  1. redgladiola says:

    Not a bad idea. There are many religions in which the gods are flawed. *winks*

    • Paul Nichol says:

      I am also thinking about your post. ‘Jumping off the bandwagon’, as someone who has never knowingly been on a bandwagon I find all collective-celebrity-emotional-psychological-transference alien. I plan to come back to this post. I have wanted to comment on many post you have written but my free time is so short at the moment, but is it not the thought that counts.

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