I am not an Agnostic. I do not believe in God. Today ( this is a comment I wrote and wanted to share)

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Articles, My Journey, My Life Choices
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It is impossible to half believe in God, you either do or you do not.  The term agnostic is nothing more than convenient niche for people unwilling to publicly and spiritually deny a God.   It is not for a God to prove himself to any of us, to perform simple tricks to receive adulation, for if a God did exist, he would have no need of those who demanded proof his existence or denied him or her.

To have a religious belief is just that, a belief.  It is more than consumerism for the soul.    Belief in God can define the nature of an individual’s life, shape families, communities, countries and world history.  To believe in God is to believe we are more than just a collection of transient atoms, that life has a deeper purpose other than propagation and death.   God could be many things to many people, and take on many forms both real and imaginary, who is to say, which ones are right and which ones are wrong?  People do not need permission to believe in a God, nor do they have to prove the validity of their belief.

At this point in my life I do not believe in God, but neither do I have the sureness to proclaim there is no God.   I have experienced many strange and unexpected things in my life and know that each day I wake, I will discover something new about myself and the world in which we live.  I know only what I know today, not what I will know tomorrow, this is my quote for life.

As Confucius said “He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.”

There are no definite answers only better questions yet to be asked………………..




  1. chicagoja says:

    Your concept of God is more appropriate than religious concepts of God, but most religious people can not relate to that. They are prisoners of their belief (in God) because they can only understand it, if at all, through church dogma. They don’t realize that one can believe in God without having to accept any religious beliefs.

    • Paul Nichol says:

      For me it is not about whose concept of God is the more appropriate, it is unimportant whether people with, or without religion can relate to my personal ideas.
      Those people who believe in God would not see themselves as prisoners of their religious beliefs for I expect many find a realm of spiritual freedom which is far beyond the reach of people like me, who have no God. It would be wrong to pass sweeping statements over the religious lives of so many individuals.
      I understand your thoughts on church dogma but I feel that has nothing to do with an individual believing in God. Churches are the construct of mankind, man’s interruption of what believing in God should involve through rituals and personal observance. It is possible to believe in God and not enter a Church but I must disagree with your thoughts on believing in God without having to accept any religious beliefs. The two go hand in hand. You either believe in God or you do not. If you believe in God and then deny him/her then that is something else
      Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to comment, it is appreciated.

      • chicagoja says:

        On the contrary, it is possible to believe in God without having to accept religious belief systems. I’m living proof of that and I know others who believe similarly. It’s just that I believe in a Creator who is the God above the”god” of the Bible.

  2. Paul Nichol says:

    I do not see where the disagreement is, you say you believe in your Creator/God, and so you must have some form of belief to accept this, be it a religious type of belief or not. People find their Gods in many ways and in many places, and all are of equal significance to those who believe in them. That is the uniqueness of a belief in a God, if you believe then it is true and nothing can prove it untrue. I am glad you have a belief in a Creator and I hope it brings contentment to you in your life, as other Gods do to their own believers. I do not think I need to add more to this tread, thank you for responding and adding to my understanding.

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