May Day Resolution

Posted: April 30, 2014 in A letter to myself
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I have flayed my guilt ridden conscience today,

stripped the stale flesh from my lazy bones.

For only harsh punishment can correct my inexcusable neglect,

of those who have chosen follow my blog.

Therefore, beginning this night, here on WordPress,

I will set out on a long journey to correct my blunder.

Over the next few days, weeks or even months I will endeavour to visit all your blogs,

I will read your wise words, and admire your creative talents.

Leaving my own small mark Paul Waz Here to let you know I came,

time is a hard master; and my internet steed is old and ailing.

Travelling around the world to visit you all, will be exhausting,

So, if I’m later than you expected, leave the door on the latch

The fire burning and the whiskey bottle by the hearth.

Forgive my lateness, for I am nearly old.



© Paul Nichol,  1st May 2014

  1. Easter Ellen says:

    I like your honesty here and love your varied Haikus. Your “about me” is brief and blunt, but that is a good thing. I have the feeling that everything you write is from the heart. Thanks for finding me today.

    • Paul Nichol says:

      I thought my ‘about me’ was rather revealing and long winded but never mind. Yes, your feeling is correct; I have no space in my life for superficiality, I cherish truth. There is no need to thank me, reading and responding to your post was beneficial to me also, without you honesty I might not have reflected over some aspects of my past with a renewed perspective. Your daughter is lucky to have a Mother who loves her so. Thank you for following my blog and travel well.
      Paul 🙂

      • Easter Ellen says:

        Thanks so much Paul, I am so glad that you found some nuggets in that post for yourself as much as it was powerfully cathartic for me to post.
        Bless you lots and thanks for your support,
        Easter 🙂

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