Love is frail

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Free Verse Poetry, Poetry
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Love is frail by its very nature

loves bends to the will of the seasons

love strains against the toil of living

yet never has love failed to hold me.


Love is the comfort in which I sleep

love is my need to hold you

love is the pain of separation, no matter the length

yet, when we are joined, we come together, we fit.


Love is that yearning, the first time I saw you

the day we first met, our yesterdays and all the days yet to come

love drives me headlong down dark lanes of destiny

through storms of sunlight and rivers of sand


Love is sometimes unspoken, sometimes deafening

love can hide beneath a contemptuous glare, or misplaces word

love can beat us, cut us, spill blood, birth  a pure clear tear

yet love can cradle us when we are broken, nourish our fears


Love is not written on cards brought and cheap

love is not measured by gifts and deeds

love can never be traded like sacks of corn

for love has no weight, no physical form.



Paul Nichol © 2013

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