The people of the Philippines need our Help

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Articles, My Journey, My Life Choices, Political Thoughts
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Red Cross

Please visit the Red Cross website and donate as much as you can to help the thousands people who are suffering in the aftermarth of the super typhoon  Haiyan  which tore through the central Philippines Leyte province on Friday.   The super typhoon link is to Channel 4 News

The simplest way to donate is through the British Red Cross website, or go directly to their appeal page.

Thank you for reading and please consider helping, even if it is just a single pound or dollar, you can use paypal.

  1. utalap says:

    Thank you for expressing your concern for my countrymen. My friends and I are planning to donate some of our old clothes and other stuff to the victims. They say it would take about 6 months before electricity in the affected provinces can be restored, so I hope we can give all the help we can.

    • Paul Nichol says:

      If my post made just one person donate £1, then it was worth it. Help will be needed I suspect for many months or even years, and in many forms; clothes will be needed as well as cooking pots and medicines. You should check out Lend with Care, there is a link on my on my Charities I Support page, you and your friends could get together and help support someone’s business for just £15 each which will help them personal and their wider community. Have a little look; microfinancing really changes lives and this is a trust worthy organisation that works with many communities around the world.
      Thank you for your nice comment and I hope everyone you know is safe.
      ogether and help suppport someone’s business for just £15 each. Have a look, mircofinancing really changes lives and this is a trust worthy organisation.
      Thank you for your nice comment.

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