I am acknowledging that I am rubbish at socially interacting with my followers

Posted: November 10, 2013 in A modern PC affair, A note to myself, Articles, My Journey
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If I have not yet visited your blog to say ‘Thank You’ after you left a ‘Like’ on one of my posts, I am sorry; life got in the way and I suspect it might possibly still do so, in the future.


Those of you who follow my blog and have not received a comment from me thanking you for doing so, ‘I Am Sorry’; I am rubbish at socially interacting with followers.  I am also rubbish at social interaction in my everyday world; I think I would be a very happy in a hermitage.   Although I do have brief moments of online communication which are at best irregular and predictably inconsistent.   For this, I can only again apologise yet again.


To those fellow bloggers (and they know who they are) who were kind enough to nominate me for various awards, I have saved them my biggest, crawliest apology.   I expect you thought me impolite for not responding properly, and who could blame you, however, the truth is, I find it physically and psychologically difficult to accept gifts or praise in any form no matter how genuine the intent, and whenever gifts or kindness is offered to me, I instinctively decline or quickly give them away.

This is just my way and so please forgive me.  

All that is left for me to say now is:



I have add this post as a page to prewarn the intrepid blogger

  1. cindy knoke says:

    The best thing about blogging? It’s your blog and you can do, or not do, what you like. People will still like you and your blog…..

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