I am looking through eyes that are lonely and scared

at boys dressed the same, but I am not there,

my eyes are erratic, as my loneliness grows.

my body is taut, I curl up my toes.


Have they not seen me, if so, what’s wrong?

Am I too ugly, for a friendship to form?

A look, a question, that’s all I wanted,

a sign of existence, is eagerly awaited, by me.


I’m suddenly shaken by a jump in the rails,

my legs are too weak, I stumbled. I fell,

I lifted my head, those boys they looked down,

cold blank expressions, long hostile sneers.


Frozen in time, iced in my place,

surging hot blood, rushed to my face,

humiliation, fear, atomize the air,

those boys looking down. Laughed, then cheered.


A voice from behind, crashed in my ears,

I jump to my feet, I turn in despair,

a mirrored oasis in a desert so cruel,

another young schoolboy, uniform new.


Words were not needed as I looked in his eyes,

a bond mutual, bridging divides,

conversations flowing, laughter and joy,

best friends am I, with this new boy.



© Paul Nichol    November 2013

Various poems can be found on my blog, please take a moment and explore.

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