The Lady

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Free Verse Poetry, Poetry
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She was once a gorgeous woman,

though her hair, is long and grey,

she lived in swinging London,

when life was all a rave.


Love it was her freedom,

freedom found through love,

but when her beauty faded,

her friends had seen enough.


For now, she has fallen,

from the throne of her life,

the crown that was her beauty,

lost through aging life.


Now, she’s old and lonely,

she dreams of what has been,

are never of the future,

with fabricated friends.


So listen to this spinster,

with her stories tall and long,

of glamour and excitement,

this lady’s done it all.


Then ask her if she’s happy,

watch her birth a smile,

shrugging of your question,

you’ll know, it was, worthwhile.



© Paul Nichol    October 2013

Various poems can be found on my blog, please take a moment and explore.

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