Posted: September 30, 2013 in Cinquain
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cancerous growth;

stubborn resentfulness.

Spiritual distillation;




© Paul Nichol 2013

  1. Recognizing the hurt you feel in yourself and see reflected in the people around you is the integral first step to releasing negativity and embracing empathy. When compassion reigns freely in your life, you begin to more genuinely understand the interconnectedness between people’s emotions, actions and deepest aspirations.

    Keep Calm and Heal On!

    • Paul Nichol says:

      Thank you for this insightful response, I can relate to you supportive message; however, although this poem may appear to be of a personal nature, it is a grounded in my general observation on humanity and the complexities of our social relationships.

      I no longer hold any grievances, envy or prejudice in my heart, the path I have travelled has been challenging but it has freed me from such destructive traits, but it has not been without a cost.

      I wish you well on your own life journey, may each new step bring you closer to truth.

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