.Cake 50th


I had a great birthday today and received some very individual and symbolic gifts from my immediate family, however the greatest gift I received was these words written by my middle son in his card for me. 

For me these are the simple words of love that were missing from my own distorted childhood, they are priceless and I will treasure them always.

Hi Dad,

Sorry I can’t be with you today but duty calls.  I hope you have a GREAT Day and say hello to the lions from me J

I just want to say how much I love you and appreciate you and for everything, you have done for me.   I speak for all the boy’s by saying you are a GREAT Father (even when you’re angry). 

 You may be turning 50 but at least it is not 51.

So, Happy Birthday and enjoy my present and the zoo!  One more thing before I go, which is that I know if I ever needed advise on anything I could come to you, even when I am in my moody, stressed out, self.  I know I can count on you 100%


Anyway, I’ve got to go white water rafting now, so have an amazing day and have lots of fun,


See you soon, lots of love

……………..  xxx



  1. safia says:

    1963 is a very good vintage – welcome to the club!

    • Paul Nichol says:

      I agree 1963 was an exceptional year. Thank you for the comment, I have never been in a club before, are there any subs to pay and if so how much?

      • safia says:

        In Club 50, the only subs are the occasional creaking knee, a tendency to go upstairs and then forget what you’re there for, and an increasing need for an afternoon nap! Enjoy.

      • Paul Nichol says:

        It all sounds dangerous if you live in a bungalow, do I only need one leg now I’m in Club 50 or can I keep two and if so, can both knees creek without me being labelled bourgeois. (It’s a political thing)
        Sorry for the delay in replying, I forgot I had a blog. 😉

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