Dead tree resurrected

Posted: June 15, 2013 in Photography
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Tree Resurrected

Tree Resurrected



I first walked past this rotting broken, stump of a tree sixteen years ago.  Over the subsequent years, my children along with many others have climbed and ventured into the bowels of this ancient, decaying oak.

So imagine my surprise when last week I discovered that what I believed to be a dead tree, had in fact once again blossomed and held a full canopy of green luscious leaves.

Therefore, what have I learnt from my relationship with this tree; I have learnt that time is indeed a healer and that, what at first appears to be conclusive, is in fact not always the case.

I am happy for this tree because it has always been a thing of beauty in my mind and hopefully now in yours too.



  1. Beautiful, indeed. I’m sure in both of its states of being it was equally so.

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