Yesterday my wife converted to Catholicism.   She is a deeply religious person and I am delighted that she has finally found a church where she is spiritually, ethically and academically comfortable.  The ceremony was simple and its significance was profound for both of us, however in different ways.

I myself have never encountered God, nor do I believe I process the God gene that might allow me the psychological characteristics needed to believe in a deity, it could be, I have chosen not to see God, for to do so would have meant acknowledging vulnerability in the times in my life when I needed an inner, iron strength.   Have I in my past blinded myself so as not to recognise my infinite weaknesses, and in doing so, denied myself the opportunity of the religious experience, is it my deeds or my genes which has led me to ask this question?

Whatever the reason, what I can say is that, I recognised in the faces and actions of the congregation a devout dedication, an emphatic commitment far beyond my own comprehension of personal fulfilment, they were peaceful, where I was not.

To be absolved of all your past misdemeanours, to be relinquished of any guilt and to be freely forgiven without any retaliatory reprisals or psychological condemnation must be an amazing sensation for the beholder.  Was I envious?  No, but I was aware that such redemption was beyond my reach.

I am proud my wife is a Catholic and that she is now on her very special journey, and I love her as always with all my heart.




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