A note to myself

Posted: May 6, 2013 in A note to myself, Free Verse Poetry, My Journey
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I write these words not because I want to

because I must

they may be only simple words without reason or rhythm

however, they are mine

each letter written is a footstep on my journey elsewhere

each sentence a stride

I have been sitting too long in the company of my solitary black dog

it has demanding needs

today I lifted my vision, I saw beyond my restrictive, inner thoughts

abandoned all doubt

I notice it was bright and sunny; that there was not a cloud in the sky

it was a good day to walk

My front door instinctively slams shut whenever I pass; it is its nature

however, today I’ve wedged it open

I let in the noise and havoc of the world, and I wrote a note saying

my black dog has run away

do not return



© Paul Nichol 2013

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