Life is Politics & Politics is Life

Posted: April 10, 2013 in My Journey
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I am glad I cut my teeth of political awareness upon the era of the Margaret Thatcher.  Admire her or loath her, it cannot be denied that she shaped the lives of everyone in the country, through her forthright political ideology.   I like my politics to be radical in nature; I like the idea that politicians should transform the societies they govern.  I like Governments to be progressive in their thinking and deeds.   After all, what is the point of being a politician if not to reform, reshape and rejuvenate the political mind, body and soul of a nation?

Life is all politics; politics houses us, it educates, it feeds and keeps us safe, it heals us when were sick and buries us when we die.   Politics takes the newborn and controls every aspect of its journey of life.  We are destined to be products of political atmosphere in which we are born, seasoned by both the visible and invisible political pressures.  However, it is how we chose to react as individuals to the political landscape in which we are born, that then shapes the political destinies of all future generations yet to come.

Margaret Thatcher was a radical political figure, although own her particular brand of political radicalism was right wing, and it was her policies that in turn shaped the political ideologies of the politically left party’s as they reacted to the changes Thatcher had embedded in the British political mindset.

Politics is dangerous to the fabric of society when it is stagnant, reform and change is the lifeblood of a progressive society.  So therefore, we should celebrate the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, not for any one policy, or ideological stance, but for igniting political passion in the hearts of people and inspiring them to engage and fight for political change.   We should also remember that Margaret Thatcher was the first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is that not progressive and radical and worthy of social recognition.

I refuse to place my own personal judgements as to the political conduct of Margaret Thatcher before my humanity.   To celebrate the death of an old woman says more about the person celebrating than it does the deceased whatever their perceived wrongdoings in the minds of her critics and suspect with the passing of time these people may come to regret their actions.  Margaret Thatcher has been accused of lacking empathy and compassion, perhaps the partygoers should consider meaning of these words as they crack open another bottle of cheap champagne.

I am glad I lived through the Margaret Thatcher years, for without her political influences upon my life; I would not be a progressive, radical, internationalist, ideologist who looks for and tries to recognise and understand, and educates his children, about the politics he faces in every aspect of his and their life’s.



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