Life choice 1 April 2013

Posted: April 1, 2013 in My Journey, My Life Choices
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When I started writing this blog at the beginning of the year, I set myself an unrealistic milestone, that if ever I  achieved fifty followers to my blog, who were unique and totally  independent from my real life relationships, I would face my own personal challenge.

I find myself suddenly confronted by the personal challenge that I set myself just three months ago.  That if I ever reached this unexpected, and highly unlikely achievement, I would post a photograph of myself in my profile.

This might seem a stupid, if not pathetic personal challenge for a man of nearly fifty years old, but for me as someone who is intensely private, and who only reveals his written work on this blog, it is epic.

However I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my work, and especially those who have decided to follow my blog,  and have therefore inadvertently force me in to this self-imposed dilemma.



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