What Death says about Life and Life about Death

Posted: January 4, 2013 in My Journey
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‘You would not exist without me Death’, said Life,

‘for without life what is death,

for I am both your Mother and Father and you are the offspring.’

‘I give you worth’, said Death to Life,

‘for without death you would have no purpose

life would be abhorrent, and death a delight.’

‘Yes, life can be onerous,’ admitted Life to Death.

‘however I am loved, where as you are feared,

life is a celebration, where death is unyielding.’

Death asked Life if he wished to die, Life replied, ‘never,

for if life were to die then all nature too would perish,

it is better I live, than die,’ said Life to Death.

‘And what of you Death’, Life asked Death, ’do you wish to die?’

‘I am death,’ replied Death, ‘there is no need for me to die.’

‘That is true’, said Life to Death, ‘you can not die’.

‘For it is I who gives you life, Death, and you death to Life

for without life there can be no death,’ said Life to Death.

‘And without death there can be no life,’ said Death to Life.

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